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Efrem Smith is a dynamic communicator and preacher who speaks at conferences, on college campuses, in churches, for sports team chapels, and fundraising and corporate events. His mission is to equip leaders and organizations for greater empowerment, transformation, and reconciliation. He speaks on issues of transformative leadership and living, multi-ethnicity, community development, justice, generosity, and organizational change. He is available for both keynote speaking and faith-based preaching.



Efrem Smith and Donecia Norwood-Smith consult on issues such as multiethnic development strategies, church planting, church revitalization, and nonprofit organizational development. They bring to their consulting over 20 years serving on the staff of churches, colleges, high schools, leadership foundations, and urban missions organizations. Between the two of them they have held senior pastor, program director, center coordinator, executive director, and chief operating officer positions.


Personal Coaching

Efrem Smith and Donecia Norwood-Smith provide life coaching for pastors (and spouses), church planters (and spouses), marketplace executives, artists, and nonprofit leaders. They focus on topics such as balance, prioritizing, spiritual health, reconciliation, leadership development, and organizational change and growth. They bring their successful background in high school varsity sports coaching into some of their approaches to helping clients succeed where they are now. Their results driven desire is for gifted people to discover and develop their abilities to influence transformation where they live, work, and among the people they care deeply for. 


Speaking for empowerment and impact.


What clients are saying

Walter Bond, International Speaker + former NBA player

Walter Bond, International Speaker + former NBA player

“When I think Impact Player, I think Efrem Smith.  I’ve known him a long time and everything he touches turns to gold.  I’m talking about both people and organizations.  Working with Efrem and his Influential Team is a no brainer and as long as he is involved they will definitely OVER deliver value.”

Bob Balian, Chaplain of the Sacramento Kings

Bob Balian, Chaplain of the Sacramento Kings

“Efrem Smith is not just a great friend and a wonderful co-pastor, he’s one of the most dynamic communicators in the country. It’s amazing that the entire nation hasn’t fallen in love with his preaching and teaching yet, but they will soon!”

Dr. John Jackson, University President/Author/Speaker

Dr. John Jackson, University President/Author/Speaker

“Efrem Smith is the full bore package. Dynamic speaker, challenging leader, insightful futurist.  He is righteous, real, and relevant.  Our students, faculty, staff and families all love him. I am proud to call him friend."  

Sandra Guardado

Sandra Guardado

“Mrs. Donecia Smith is a remarkable caring individual who was blessed with the ability to make people feel comfortable and cared for. She is an incredible listener who actually listens for the sake of understanding rather than to simply produce a response. Her nurturing and empathetic demeanor allows for the students to easily trust her and seek her guidance. She is the perfect role model for our youth.  Anyone who has the privilege to know immediately her knows she is a blessing!

Mr. Efrem Smith’s approach with working with our students of color was such a positive one. His goal was to get the young adults to see themselves as valuable and empowered individuals. Through facilitated conversations and activities he was able to help the students realize that they are more alike than they are different. He was instrumental in helping them realize the incredible power of knowing and sharing their own individual stories to help build empathy and appreciation for each individual.

It was impressive to see the transformation in our student’s behavior that resulted from a phenomenal one-day workshop. Mr. Smith is an expert in working with youth and has such a natural way in engaging them and establishing trust to get them to be willing to be let their guard down.”